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Restorative, relaxing & toning

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Facial reflexology works in the same way as foot reflexology.  By gentle stimulation and massage of the reflex points in your face it allows your body to restore and heal.  The face's close proximity to the brain and cranial nerves make Facial Reflexology very effective in impacting the body systems.   It is also very effective in helping calm a busy mind.

By relaxing muscles and improving blood flow and lymphatic drainage Facial Reflexology can promote a smoother fresher complexion.

Particuarly good for

Sinusitis/Congestion * Allergic Rhinitus *

Tension Headaches & Migraines *

Jaw & Neck Tension & Pain

Facial Reflexology promotes a general feeling of calmness and relaxation and can help relieve mental strain and support improved concentration.

Facial Reflexology is safe to use during pregnancy (post 12 weeks). 

If you are currently pregnant please see "Maternity Reflexology"

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