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Deeply Relaxing Tension Relief for the Head, Neck & Shoulders

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Both of these treatments are very effective in helping ease tension

in areas of the body where we traditionally hold stress.  

Working with soothing Neals's Yard aromatherapy massage oils

for hair and body you are left tension free & deeply relaxed. 

I have been trained by Lesley Hart (Author of  "Indian Head Massage

the Essential Guide") in  the traditional Indian Champissage method at the

London Centre of Champissage established by Narendra Mehta who brought

Indian Head Massage to the UK from India in 1973.   

I have been trained in full body massage & back massage by the

Cambridge Therapy Centre and have a Diploma in Massage.

Both of these treatments work on a physical and mental level

helping release stress and tension from the shoulders, neck & head

and leave you feeling restored and rejuvenated. 

  Neck Pain *   Shoulder Tension*   Headaches * 

 Circulatory problems *  Tiredness & Sleep problems  * Eye strain 

Sinusitis & nasal congestion  *  Earache or Tinnitus   

--- What to expect? ---

Indian Head Massage is carried out while you are seated comfortably.   

Luxurious Neal's Yard Aromatherapy Massage Oils are used on the shoulders & neck & a wonderful Neal's Yard deeply conditioning hair mask is used on the hair/scalp.  The hair treatment mask can be left on overnight for a deep conditioning treat.


Back Massage is carried out lying down on the couch and

takes place on your front & back.  Organic aromatherapy oils from Neal's Yard

are used to help you achieve a deeper level of relaxation. 

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