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Supporting your pre & post natal journey. Naturally. 


Taking good care of your wellbeing is key during your pregnancy. 

Reflexology is  a gentle soothing treatment that is safe to use during pregnancy

(post 12 weeks) and can support you and your baby in a 100% holistic way. 

Through tailored maternity treatments of either foot or facial reflexology you can feel supported & nurtured during this special time. 


Reflexology can really help with many of the symptoms of pregnancy that you

may be struggling with including...

Anxiety *  Poor sleep *  Back Pain *  Headaches * Fluid Retention/Odema *

Mood Swings *  Sickness * Pelvic Pain * Circulatory problems *  Tiredness*

Reflexology can also be very helpful in supporting you postnatally

and help you adapt to the demands of a new baby. 

Through promoting deep relaxation it can help support you at this life changing time. 

Research also shows that reflexology can support breastfeeding

by helping promote the production of key hormones prolactin & oxytocin

I have been trained in specialist Maternity Reflexology Techniques

by the leading Maternity Reflexology Expert Sally Earlam - 

the National Maternity Reflexology Advisor for the AOR

--- What to expect? ---

Reflexology during pregnancy is carried out on a reclining chair in my treatment room.  During pregnancy it is safe to have facial or foot reflexology (post 12 weeks)

 At your first treatment you will have a short consultation prior

to a tailored treatment for your needs.

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