Reflexology really works.  It's that simple.



It is hard to get to the core of tension and pain.  Reflexology is  a gentle soothing treatment but with powerful results.  Most people have reflexology for relaxation & rejuvenation though it can also help relieve symptoms of several conditions including...

Anxiety & stress *  Sleep disorders & insomnia * Back/neck pain  & sciatica *  Headaches & migraine * Joint Pain * Digestive disorders * Circulatory problems * Low immunity * Degenerative disorders  * Toxin build up

Reflexology can also be helpful in supporting fertility, conception and a healthy pregnancy & birth.  If you are pregnant currently please see "Maternity Reflexology"

--- What to expect? ---

Reflexology is a soothing non-invasive treatment involving gentle stimulation and deep massage of the reflex/pressure points in your feet.   It is amazingly relaxing and you may well fall asleep!  You are treated on a lovely comfortable couch or reclining chair in our beautiful treatment room. You remain fully clothed and just remove your shoes and socks.   At your first treatment you will have a short consultation prior to a tailored treatment for your needs.