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Powerfully Lifting & Toning for the Face & Spirit

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Hailed as the UKs "Most Spiritual Facial" the Zonefacelift treatment promotes a kinder holistic approach to helping you look your best naturally.


Using facial reflexology, pressure point massage, Native American techniques,

Asian body mapping & healing oils the treatment will leave you

feeling deeply & blissfully  relaxed with a smoother face to match!


The Zonefacelift naturally stimulates collagen & elastin from the inside and helps tighten, plump and sculpt the face & neckline leaving a glowing complexion

 after just one treatment. 


Developed by Ziggie Bergman - considered one of the UK's leading Holistic

Treatment Practitioners & the pioneer of Facial Reflexology

 "The Bergman Method" is respected as the Ultimate Holistic Treatment. 

I have been trained directly by Ziggie herself at her Belgravia Clinic, London.


For optimal results to support you looking significantly fresher &

more youthful - a course of 12 treatments is advised.   

You can book treatments in a course of 6 at a time.

Come & try a treatment now discover the difference you feel in your face & spirit. 


See the results in my latest CASE STUDY below

Case Study Zonefacelift at Gable Yard
Facial Reflexology: Inner_about
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