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I thoroughly enjoyed the session, felt great afterwards & the next day, slept well and now have much softer feet! Even though I have a relatively low resting heart rate it dropped even lower during the treatment. If you needed any more evidence of the de-stressing, relaxing & calming effects of reflexology, look no further!

Stacey H


With all the running and walking I do my feet aren't in the best shape but Vicky wasn't put off and took her time explaining everything she was doing.  I was amazed to feel all the connections from my feet throughout my body.  It was wholly relaxing.   I slept better than I had in a long time that night and my feet looked and felt wonderful!  I highly recommend and can't wait for my next session which I have already booked in.

Becca B


This was such a relaxing and soothing treatment.  Vicky has a lovely way about her that makes you feel really nurtured. I had been struggling with a stiff neck which Vicky picked up on.  Not only was she able to free it up with the reflexology she gave me a fresh pesrpective on why it may have been bothering me recently.  Wonderful treatment.  Really recommend. 

Karen T


Having never had a reflexology treatment before I was slightly nervous but Vicky soon put me at ease and after a quick health assessment began the treatment.  It was fantastic. I left feeling relaxed and reinvigorated.  First class experience from start to finish.  I cannot recommend highly enough.

John B


Five stars!  Thank you so much Vicky for a wonderful treatment.  I really felt in a "zen" state having my feet cared for.  So relaxing and something I really needed.  I'm so grateful and look forward to the next one.

Laura K


I just wanted to tell you how much reflexology has helped Millie with her anxiety. The sessions she had really helped her get through her exams and it has been so helpful in improving her sleep.  She has asked for a Gable Yard voucher for Christmas!

Charlotte M


Fantastic first time experience trying reflexology thanks to Vicky.  It was the most relaxing hour and I felt fresh and rejuvenated afterwards.  Vicky is a wonderful therapist who is kind and extremely caring.  Highly recommend.

Swetketu P


Not only is it wonderfully relaxing and stress-relieving but Vicky has also really helped with my back pain and sciatica.  Having hobbled into the first session, I floated out! 

Katie S


Reflexology with Vicky has really helped with my back pain.  My sciatica symptoms are much eased and I am even back out running which is unbelievable   

Jonathan W


Reflexology at Gable Yard is the most surprisingly relaxing thing I have tried for years.  I usually hide my feet but I loved it and felt wonderful afterwards.  Everyone should try it!

Ali P


I have used reflexology a lot in the past for relaxation and balancing my stress levels. I have recently discovered reflexology again at Gableyard and am pleased to have it back in my life as a regular treatment. Reflexology at Gableyard helps me feel restored, relaxed and happy

Lucy T


I had the most memorable and beneficial treatment with Vicky at Gable Yard Holistic Therapies.  I didn’t feel relaxed at all when my session started, but by the end of my treatment, I was in a total cocoon of absolute relaxation.  I thoroughly recommend Vicky as a practitioner – I can’t wait to go back! 

Catherine F


Thank you so much for the treatment Vicky.  It was such a great feeling I can't explain!  I slept really well and would like to book another treatment please!

Sunrita D-B


Vicky was welcoming, compassionate and calming during my session.  It was my first reflexology experience and it was heavenly.  I was able to completely switch off.  Looking forward to my next session already.  Highly recommended!

Cat S


I have had a few reflexology treatment and my reflexology session at Gable yard was excellent. Vicky has a really good technique which made me completely relaxed  and I left not only and de-stressed but also revitalised . I did not have a physical problem  to try and help but  mentally I felt re balanced and ready to face the world again.

Penny M/F


I just wanted to let you know how amazing I felt after yesterday's reflexology session.  My neck and shoulder pain has all but gone and I slept SO deeply - far better than I have for ages!  I can't wait for my next treatment!

Kate M-S


I had never had reflexology before and Vicky made me feel really welcome and comfortable with a warm fluffy blanket!

I get shoulder knots mainly from poor posture sitting at work and hold all stress in my shoulders like a lot of people. Over the years I have had various massages that kind of hurt and leave me aching so I'm never sure if they actually work - reflexology does! 

My shoulders immediately felt better without any pain or discomfort and the effect has been longer lasting than any massage I've ever had without feeling beaten black and blue. It's hard to describe the feeling and I don't know how it works but work it does. Vicky explained what she was doing and could tell where my tension was - right up until I fell asleep!

Highly recommended and I will be back - thank you so much!

Kate B


I had never tried reflexology before I went to Vicky, so I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. It was a wonderful experience. I was feeling quite stressed from work and not sleeping very well. After the session, I had a fantastic night’s sleep. It was so relaxing and it will be definitely something I will treat myself to on a regular basis. Vicky makes you feel very at ease and the treatment room is also very calming.

Mairi H


Vicky is amazing – it was probably one of the most relaxing experiences I’ve ever had!  And it was fascinating to see how my feet and and the rest of my body are so connected.  Incredibly relaxing, gorgeous room and I could  happily have stayed for hours with Vicky working on my feet.  Amazing, and I could still feel the difference the next day.  I would definitely recommend a visit to Vicky as an essential relaxation therapy!

Justine F


Thank you for the most amazing reflexology session. My back feels so much freer and my shoulder isn't zinging at all!!!!   Better than the osteopath and better than deep tissue massage in the shoulder too - love it. So can you book me on again when you have a slot, you have magical powers!!

Nikki O

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